Abhyanga (from Indian Ayurveda): Very relaxing oil massage. Intensive massage of warm oil with repetitive round and wide strokes, with vital point and deep tissue massage.

Back-to-me-massage: Brings your thoughts and energies back to yourself. Oil massage with alternately delicate and powerful grips and strokes, starting at the feet, over body back, arms, front. Zentierend.

Warm Stones: Warm, warm natural basalt stones warm your warm oiled back and leg backs with a pleasant pressure.

Energy Massage: It addresses the subtle invisible life energy that underlies every life.

Intervertebral Disc Regeneration Massage (Breuß): Specified procedure of grips / strokes directly on and next to the spine, in order to create a structural and energetic balance and space.

Cosmetic lymphatic drainage: The pleasantly gentle massage stimulates the lymphatic system to get fluids back into motion.

Cosmetic Connective Tissue Massage: Soft manual loosening without oil and / or cupping massage (with “Celluvital Vacuum Massage System”) with oil, mostly on back and legs.

Happy Feet: Pleasant manual techniques on the feet to relax all of the approx. 44 joints of a foot with the band structures, muscles and connective tissues.